Property management services are the backbone of any community. Seeing as we’re one of the leading providers of property management services among Burlington (and surrounding areas), we know how crucial it is to hire a decisive team. Mall parking lots need to be ploughed when the snow comes, and public garden needs to be trimmed when the Spring and Summer arrive. It’s a yearlong commitment that we take very seriously.


You need a hard-working property management service to ensure that your land is always going to look its best, Keeping your property maintained is usually a hassle, one that tends to keep business-owners and potential entrepreneurs up at night. This service could apply to retail space, or even a rental town home complex - regardless of your property type, a management service is going to be a rhuge elief.

If you have a property that you need managed, we’re the right solution. Not only do we understand why it’s important to keep your property visually appealing, but we specialize in the process. All of the crews that handle these jobs are professionally trained and equipped with industry-standard tools, meaning we work hard to prevent against any issues. Our trucks are easily identifiable, so you’ll be able to spot when we’re on your property and working - and the entire staffs is comprised of the most friendly and hard-working people you could ever meet. We’re completely insured and certified, unlike those other illegitimate services that might seem fine until something goes wrong.

We make sure that eco-friendly measures are used throughout the projects we handle, like de-icing techniques and corrosion prevention. We also have incredibly competitive rates available for annual contracts.

IPM (which is ‘Integrated Pest Management’) is a movement that takes care of your lawns without using incredibly damaging chemicals. Being an innovator in this industry isn’t easy, but it’s one of the things that have made our property management services highly sought after.

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