When the seasons change, the plants change with them. Your yard is going to look incredibly different as time passes throughout the year, and you need to react accordingly. In order for your yard to look great throughout the entire year, it needs to be cleaned up before a project is begun. We can help with debris removal, prepping of the garden (this could be edging, cultivating or even just the removal of weeds); the more intricate jobs, like pruning hedges and such, would apply as well. Spring is going to focus on the cleanup of debris and such, while the fall is going to turn towards keeping your turf healthy (before the “big freeze” comes along). It’s also going to mean that the falling of leaves and such needs to be handled, as well as keeping your grass cut shorter than 2 inches (on the very last cut of the season). This is to deter mold from growing within your tall grass, as the moist snow covers it for the winter.

Material that is considered debris could negatively affect your project, as it very well may produce pathogens and other pests that could have a negative impact on your property. When the time to need a thorough cleanup comes around, our experts will be ready to assist you. If you’d like, we could also run through a “final check” process during the Fall. This is where we would remove any type of weed or perennial/annual from the project space, because it’s only going to cause problems as the winter comes through. If you’re located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), feel free to contact us for assistance. We’re serving places like Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga and even Brampton!



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